How to limit the number of Twitter posts in your timeline using JavaScript

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I have a bit of a problem scrolling too much of the awesome content on Twitter. There are just too many other people creating cool ideas and software! At first I justified it by the fact that I find academic papers (my feed is curated to mostly academic CS/ML/SE), but now I admit it’s too much! In a bid to waste more time in order to waste less time, I created a simple script that puts an extra UI onto each post in my Twitter feed:

  • For the first five posts, it numbers them to remind me how many I’ve browsed.
  • After that, it blocks them out with a reminder of the limit I set (currently I keep it at five posts).

Here’s what the result looks like: A screenshot of showing the post numbering and limiting features.

Here’s the link to the script: JavaScript for Twitter Post Limiter · GitHub. I currently import it automatically with ViolentMonkey. Plans are to turn it into a FireFox extension (once conference deadline season is over 🙃). Hope it’s useful!