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How to limit the number of Twitter posts in your timeline using JavaScript BLOG

less than 1 minute read


I have a bit of a problem scrolling too much of the awesome content on Twitter. There are just too many other people creating cool ideas and software! At first I justified it by the fact that I find academic papers (my feed is curated to mostly academic CS/ML/SE), but now I admit it’s too much! In a bid to waste more time in order to waste less time, I created a simple script that puts an extra UI onto each post in my Twitter feed:

  • For the first five posts, it numbers them to remind me how many I’ve browsed.
  • After that, it blocks them out with a reminder of the limit I set (currently I keep it at five posts).



Meditations on Meditations: I-IV BLOG

10 minute read


I’m reading Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations in Marcus Aurelius and His Times (Transition from Paganism to Christianity) [0].

No pain no gain? Comparing 3 program analysis frameworks for C BLOG

11 minute read


Program analysis methods often represent programs as graphs. These graphs should be automatically generated from the source code. There are many tools that have been implemented to do this, but they are often painful to set up. In this post, I will compare 3 program analysis frameworks which I have used to generate graph representations of C programs.