webcam-mods for Linux background blur & swap

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webcam-mods is the best method I have found for webcam background blur/swap on Linux. I use this for my meetings on Google Meet and Webex.

Repo: Install globally:

pip install git+


Pasted image 20220707144227.png

Cropped: webcam_mods crop-cam. I was impressed with the interactive cropping mode which allowed me to crop to my profile pretty easily. The crop settings are saved to disk for future runs.

Pasted image 20220707144141.png

Cropped and blurred: webcam_mods bg-blur

Pasted image 20220707144301.png

Cropped with bg: webcam_mods bg-swap

Pasted image 20220707144332.png

Video feed was displayed with ffplay. Runner-ups that I tried:

  • Linux-Fake-Background-Webcam. I found its blur didn’t work quite as well (background and limbs pop in/out), so it was distracting in meetings.
  • fakecam. It was a bit difficult to install (see issue here).